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Convinced of this, he decided to help her. Arlette brought with enough visual evidence of the miserable conditions in which it had to exist: a photo of a tiny little house where she lived with her mother, a widow, engaged in petty trade, and the touching story of how his mother struggled to to earn a living and bring it to the people. Of course, the few hundred dollars that she needed to get, exactly meant nothing to Cowperwood. Ambition in people always found him sympathetic: Arlette touched him, and he decided to arrange her future. First, he gave her the opportunity to take lessons from a professor in Chicago. Then, if it turns out that the game is worth the candle, he would send her abroad. However, that in no way not to compromise and not to associate himself, he appointed her to a certain content which it manages itself. This content is paid to it, and to this day. He advised her to bring her mother in Chicago and live with her. Arlette rented a small house, a mother has written, they settled down here, and Cowperwood became a frequent visitor.

Arlette was stupid, sincerely devoted to his art, and they have gradually developed good, friendly relations. She had no pretensions somehow compromise him. Not so long ago, long before the appearance of Berenice, Cowperwood, anticipating that he may be, will soon have to say goodbye to Chicago, Arlette persuaded to go to Dresden. And if not for Berenice, it is possible that he would now be staying with Arlette in Germany. But now, comparing it with Berenice, he no longer felt any attraction to it. Berenice took possession of his whole being. However, Arlette musical abilities still interested him, he wanted to make it succeeded, so he decided to help her in the future. But he felt that it is all over, he must delete it from my personal life forever. For him, it's a small sacrifice. Her day had passed. Now we must begin to live anew. If Berenice would require him full allegiance threatened break - he was ready to obey her wishes, no matter what it cost him no effort. She deserves to be for her to make any sacrifice. And then I saw her in front of him, he plunged into the dreams and plans for the future, as once in the distant days of his early youth.

  3   The next morning, a little later he telephoned ten Berenice Cowperwood, and they agreed to meet at his club. Going up the stairs to his particular apartment, she saw that he was waiting for her on the site. The door was open, and everywhere in the lobby and in the room there were flowers. But it is to such a degree he was not sure of his victory, when she slowly climbed the stairs, looking at him with a smile, he stared at her face with a disturbing gaze, afraid to read it, she suddenly changed her mind. It was only after she crossed the threshold, let him hug himself and he held her to his chest, he was relieved. - Has come! - He cried happily and looked her in the face, still not believing his luck. - And you thought you will not come? - She said, laughing at the expression on his face.

- But how could I be sure? - he said. - Until now, you have never been to me so as I would like. - It's true. But you know why. But now everything is different. And her lips fused with his lips. - If you only knew - he said, breathless with excitement, - what does that mean, your coming to me. All night I did not close his eyes. And I have a feeling that I'll never want to sleep ... Cute pearly teeth, and his eyes, blue and blue! - He whispered, showering her with kisses. - A hair - burning as the gold! - And he touched their admiration. , без порно и секс рекламы. - Boy got a new toy!

He gasped when he saw her slightly mocking but affectionate smile; He hugged her and lifted his arms.- Boy got a new toy! He gasped when he saw her slightly mocking but affectionate smile; He hugged her and lifted his arms. - Frank! Let me go! Hairstyle! You're all rastreplesh me! She laughed, fought, when he carried her into the bedroom, lit up by a trembling and the dancing flames of the fireplace. It was late afternoon when he is jokingly remarked Berenice, senses so that you can easily talk to him. They sat down at the tea table in front of a fireplace. She said that she would like to stay in Chicago to be closer to him, but, of course, they have to be arranged so as not to attract attention. He was in complete agreement with it. In connection with this newspaper sensation he is now on everyone's mind - rather it just seem like such a pretty woman, the press will pick up instantly inflate it and knows what; all, of course, it is known that Eileen lives separate from New York. He was in no way be appear along with Berenice.

- After all, I now have this story to the extension of the concession, - he said - or rather, the failure of the concession does not mean that my work is over, and I'll throw in the lurch all built my urban transport network. I have for many years engaged in this business, my business shares sold, thousands of shareholders interested in them. And take these actions neither I nor shareholders without a trial in any way possible. - And now, Bevi, - he continued, lowering his voice - it's time it would be to find kakogo-nibud major financier or a group of people with capital, a kind of syndicate, which would buy all these assets at a reasonable price, so as not to hurt was not them or us. But this, of course, the sort of thing that just is not done. On it may take years. And I, in fact, I'm sure, until I do not take what some steps and not try to do this as a personal favor, one can hardly expect that someone will be here and will do me any sensible proposal. Everyone knows that it is a difficult thing - to mess with public transport and make it yield a profit. And then this judicial red tape, it is still not minuesh whoever is tempted by an enterprise, whether my enemies, or any joint-stock company, which will be decided to take matters into their own hands. He sat beside her and talked to her as if it were some substantial shareholder or a financier, a businessman, as he himself. And although it does not really interested in any details of his financial affairs, she felt that it was really his area that he lives in her active, intense and fascinating in their own lives. - I know only one thing - she interrupted him - is that, in my opinion, you can not destroy anything. You're too smart for that, and too cunning.

- Suppose - he said, obviously flattered. - But anyway, all this takes time. Perhaps many years will pass before I can sell with it all these transport companies. Meanwhile, such tightening may bring me a lot of damage. Suppose I have planned some new thing - I feel bound hand and foot, until finally unravel with all this history. He paused, lost in thought, staring at one point with her large gray eyes. - What would I most like now, when I have you, - he said slowly - forget about it and all matters go with you to travel anywhere. Rather I bother. You are dearer to me than all the money, much more! You know, how strange! I have just suddenly felt that I smashed up too much of life to all these things. He smiled and hugged her. But Berenice, listening to him and proudly conscious of her power over him, penetrate him a feeling of deep affection.


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